In the very heart of Africa lies Burundi, a country of green hills and white sandy beaches, with friendly, welcoming people and a warm climate. The country is an ever changing tableau of different landscapes, cultures, sounds and colours and offers the visitor a truly unforgettable experience.

The hospitality and friendliness of the Burundian people is unparalleled and the country has plenty to offer the tourist. Its cultural heritage is distinctive and boasts not only a diversity of traditional dances and music but also the world famous Drummers of Gitega. The country has long been known for its handicrafts which include painting, basket weaving and wood carving, making it difficult for tourists to choose which souvenirs to buy!

Tourists can spend the day exploring the city’s museum, monuments and craft centre, then sample the exciting nightlife, with live entertainment in clubs and lakeside bars, and restaurants offering a wealth of International cuisine.




Cultural Site



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