Finding accurate information on the Internet regarding Burundi VISA formalities and rates is still very difficult. Despite the fact that most international airlines, travel agencies and the official websites of Burundi Embassies and Consulates abroad still inform tourists to get a VISA prior to coming to Burundi; the reality is that the Burundi Immigration Authority delivers all types of VISAs to tourists upon arrival at Bujumbura International Airport and at any of our different border posts. However, you will need to be a bit patient as the process might take approximately 15 to 30 minutes depending on the size of the queue

Type of VISA Rate / Cost Validity Remarks
Entry / Transit VISA 40 USD 3 Days Best if you intend to not spend more than 3 days or if you intend to later apply for a different type of VISA (working or resident VISA)
Single Entry Tourist VISA 70 USD 1 Month Best if you are visiting for tourism or business and don’t intend to cross the border to visit any of our cross boarder attractions
Multi Entries Tourist VISA 90 USD 1 Month Best if you intend to subscribe any of our many combo tours offering a close encounter with Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees

VISA requirements:                                                                     For further information kindly contact :
Passport with at least a 6 months validity                          Burundi Immigration Authority / Police de l’Air et des Frontières
2 recent passport photos                                                  Commissioner of Foreigners/ Commissaire des Etrangers
A valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Card                               Address : 105, Avenue des Etats-Unis, Kigobe Nord, Bujumbura
American Dollars to pay for the VISA                                 Tel: (257) 22 21 9329, Email: